This is our version of the App store. ViQi’s Analytics Marketplace is a platform for analysis writers to offer novel image analysis algorithms to other users for a fee.


Get paid by sharing your knowledge and helping others.

  • Get paid helping others! Analysis writers can set their own price and get paid per analysis run.
  • Integrate existing and new analysis solutions (written in different languages such as Matlab, Python, C++, R) and share with others.
  • The underlying ViQi platform takes care of all payment processing, module execution, and result delivery.  

Quickly implement proven analysis algorithms to get more from your data, faster.

  • Find analysis solutions by functionality, input types, and more and repurpose them for your own research without the time and effort of programming or installing modules yourself. There is no need to reinvent the wheel.
  • Analysis modules are designed to run on any data type supported by ViQi’s platform.


Share or receive new and existing analysis solutions from your peers in the research community!



Learn how ViQi’s Analytics Marketplace can help increase your productivity, schedule your demo today.