250+ File Formats

Quickly and easily import and export over 250 image file formats, ViQi has the largest selection in the industry.

N-D Visualization

View large N-D images with unlimited channels and unlimited voxel formats.

ViQi offers state-of-the-art viewers directly in the web browser: 2D, Volume renderer (3D), Movie, Projections, Slices.


Distributed And Parallel Processing

Run multiple tasks at the same time with distributed and parallel processing. ViQi's servers will scale up to your needs.

Use large data elements and a lot of them, ViQi adapts and optimizes data movement.

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AI in any workflow

Build new analyses easily with deep learning and our consulting.

Augment existing workflows in minutes with Connoisseur™.

Test hypotheses quickly with state-of-the-art classification.

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With ViQi you can take care of your detection, quantification, classification, tracking, visualization and fusion needs through our image analysis tools.


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