ViQi Careers

ViQi, Inc., located in beautiful Santa Barbara, CA, where it’s sunny nearly 300 days a year! We are looking for someone like you to be a part of our small and agile (and growing!) team. ViQi is developing a sophisticated cloud-based product for large-scale image analysis. Our software helps life, health, and earth science companies automate their research workflows, expediting their discovery processes and results. Our customers work on everything from combating climate change to curing cancer - your work will make a positive impact.

The ViQi work environment is made up of a tight-knit team who enjoy being challenged by complex scientific data issues, solving problems, and learning new methods. We are actively looking for talented and motivated people for the positions listed below.

Contact us at to apply.

Image Processing & Machine Learning Specialist

Job description: Your work would involve data science, image processing research and development, machine learning in both small and large scales working with a very diverse set of imaging modalities and problems.


  • Image analysis and machine learning experience

  • Python programming skills are required along with experience using NumPy and SciPy

  • C++ and MATLAB are a plus but not required

  • Some experience with Machine Learning and Deep Learning is desired

  • Candidates would be encouraged to show examples of their previous work

Data Management Engineer

Job description:  Responsibilities would involve implementing scalable query mechanisms across graph and tabular data, and scalable mechanisms for image and data analytics on compute clusters.


  • At least five years experience with relational databases and big-data analytics

  • Experience with column oriented, NoSQL, graph, or distributed databases is a plus

  • Out-of-the-box thinking essential

User Interface Development Engineer

Job description: Your responsibilities will include designing intuitive interfaces for complex interactive workflows.  


  • Experience with web applications and in depth knowledge of HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, AJAX, JSON, XML, SVG

  • A good design sense is a requirement along with some experience using graphical tools, for example, Photoshop, InkScape, Adobe XD, etc.

  • Knowledge of web development platforms and UI toolkits is a plus and being open to learning new ones is a requirement

  • Candidates would be encouraged to show examples of their previous work

Software Engineer: CI/CD DevOps, QC and Compliance

Job Description: Develop and operate our operating infrastructure. Responsibilities include designing, building and running our monitoring and testing infrastructure to ensure a quality product.


  • BA software engineer with 3 or more years experience

  • Experience with AWS,  GCE and/or Azure

  • Experience with CI/CD workflows, python scripting

  • Previous experience with docker and kubernetes desired