ViQi offers a complete, fast and easy-to-use AI workflow. Create, customize and apply AI solutions to your image data.


Data Annotations

The annotation user interface (UI) allows fast and easy markup of visual features of interest. Many users can annotate data simultaneously, speeding-up the process to understand complex problems.

ViQi offers expert annotation services for some domains.

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Binary Data

Basic data services enable scalable and uniform access to binary data, speeding-up training and inference at scale.

Image Service provides uniform access to 250+ complex multi-dimensional image formats.

Get simplified access to tabular data (DataFrames) through Table Service. Typical formats (HDF-5, CSV, Excel, and more) are supported for queries, slicing, dicing and plotting.


Connoisseur™ Deep Learning

Connoisseur™ brings everything together and orchestrates training and applying deep learning models via an easy-to-use user interface. Connoisseur™ trains large models quickly with scalable and automatic data preparation.

Inference at a large scale is easy with Connoisseur™, it does the work for you.

Supported workflows include:

  • Classification

  • Detection

  • Semantic segmentation



Every single aspect of Machine Learning workflows can be customized:

  • Algorithms can be customized via extensible analysis system supporting: Python, MATLAB, R, and more.

  • Custom Machine Learning frameworks and networks can be supplied and used at scale.

  • User interfaces can be fully customized with standard web development approaches.

  • ViQi offers expert consulting to customize any workflow fast.

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Creating automated annotations, classifiers, or segmentations is not your end goal. Large datasets need to be processed and compared in order to make educated decisions. ViQi's scalable and extensible analysis system enables all that. 

Large-scale datasets can be processed through Connoisseur in parallel. Produced DataFrames can be found based on their content and summarized into interpretable visualizations with user interface and scripting languages like Python or MATLAB.


Proven Results

ViQi's easy to use system has been used over several years to annotate and process large datasets in various scientific domains:

Automation of annotations for underwater imagery

Object detection in satellite imagery

Automated fibrosis and steatosis quantification

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