Meet our executive team

The ViQi leadership team is made up of three UCSB researchers and business leaders with over 20 years of research and development experience in complex data and imaging. Over 12 years ago the ViQi team built and scaled an open source platform for image analysis called BisQue, which has become a widely used solution in academia.

In 2014 ViQi was founded to expand the BisQue technology with custom, secure, and intranet or cloud-based image analysis services for health, life, and earth science companies.


Kristian Kvilekval, Ph.D., CO-FOUNDER

Kris is the project lead and co-designer of ViQi’s technology. He has lead scalable and quantitative imaging tools and services since 2006 as a scientist at UCSB. Kris’s expertise in databases and distributed systems enables the continued scalability of ViQi. In addition, Kris has extensive experience working on large cluster and cloud computing platforms. Before pursuing his career in academia, Kris founded a successful software company in Europe.

Dmitry Fedorov, M.S., CO-FOUNDER

Dmitry is a world-class image processing and computer vision expert. He is also co-lead of the BisQue project at UCSB. Dmitry passionately believes in delivering the best products and has developed highly successful image processing tools and viewers. His design and practical experience has contributed to ViQi’s efficient and easy-to-use nature.


Dr. Christian Lang, Ph.D., CO-FOUNDER

Chris is a computer scientist in data management and information retrieval. His research interests include novel database architectures, information retrieval, data analytics, and knowledge discovery. He is particularly interested in performance and usability aspects, and the application of novel data mining technology to new areas. Chris also has experience in the retail, banking, multimedia and chemical industries. He has additional expertise in compilers, operating systems and distributed systems.